American Environmental and Construction Services, Inc. (AECS) was founded in 1997 in order to provide high quality, cost effective, safe and responsive environmental and construction services to government and commercial customers nationwide.  The company was founded by Mike Beehler, Rodger Daniel, and Brink Miller, three very experienced executives from the remediation and construction industry, in order to meet a recognized need for customer oriented, cost effective services.  

During the past several years, the perception of customers needing environmental remediation and construction services is that the providers have become too expensive and are not customer oriented.  The focus of AECS is to provide a select suite of remediation and construction services, represented by our core competencies, in the highest quality and most cost effective manner possible in meeting the specific needs and desires of our customers.  We have assembled a team of seasoned environmental and construction professionals who share our values and our vision of high quality, cost effective, customer oriented services.