The mission of AECS is to satisfy our government and commercial customers needs by providing them high quality, cost effective, safe, and responsive environmental and construction services while providing a fair return to our investors and stockholders. 


Our philosophy of corporate operations is to provide excellence in all we do.  We use a team approach, focused on working closely with each other and with our customers to meet your needs and fulfill your expectations.  We encourage and insist upon open and honest communication and total cooperation in execution of the highest quality work.  We insist on the highest degree of honesty and integrity in all our dealings with each other, with our customers, and with our team members.  We require that all our activities be consistent with our value statement. 


All that we say and do will be consistent with our personal and professional values defined in terms of our character, our attitudes, the qualities we exhibit, and the actions we take.  Application of these values will ensure excellence, the highest possible level of performance and quality, and services that meet or exceed the expectations of our customers.  

CHARACTER:    We value the highest traits of character, personally and professionally, including integrity, loyalty, dependability, and selflessness.  
ATTITUDES:    We value a positive attitude distinguished by caring, pride, motivation, enthusiasm, commitment and a sense of humor.    
QUALITIES:    We value exemplary qualities in our work force and in our company, particularly competence, flexibility, excellence, quality, and professionalism.  
ACTIONS:    We value actions that promote quality work in a cooperative spirit to accomplish our mission, take care of our people, and satisfy the needs of our customers, specifically: teamwork, customer orientation, responsiveness, accountability and responsibility, communication, caring for our people, and valuing our diversity.