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American Environmental & Construction Services, Inc. offers a wide range of environmental remediation construction services as well as conventional construction services to meet the construction needs of our customers.  We work with the customer to help you select and then execute the fastest, safest, and most cost effective solution available for your remediation needs.  It is our goal that when you expend your resources, you end up with a solution to your problem that is in compliance with the law, and not simply a recommendation or a study that still leaves you with the problem.   We will provide you with guidance on compliance and will assist you with the necessary permitting and regulatory interface.  Whatever your needs, we will meet them with our extensive group of in-house experts or will find the expert who can.

AECS owns or has access to all the personnel, equipment and supplies necessary to solve any environmental remediation problem.  No project is too large or too small.   Our services include:

UST/AST/OWS/Pipeline Cleaning, Installation, Removal

AECS has extensive experience in the cleaning and removal of pipelines, underground storage tanks, and oil/water separators ranging from the smallest to 50,000-gallons. Our Projects have involved removal of the entire fueling system, including the tanks, oil/water separators, pipelines, dispensers, fuel islands, canopies, inventory control systems as well as return of the site to pre-construction condition including concrete, asphalt, and/or seeding and sodding.  All of these projects have involved the destruction, transportation, and disposal of the old system tanks and equipment and construction debris.  AECS arranges for all of these T&D services, including the proper manifesting and marking of the loads and verification that the material is going to a facility authorized to take it.  In the event that contamination of the surrounding area is discovered during the removal, AECS is prepared to remove and properly dispose of the contaminated material, including obtaining proper Certificates of Disposal.  We also have extensive experience with the installation of aboveground storage tanks and oil/water separators with all associated pumps, piping and electrical work.  Our pipeline services have included the jet cleaning and videotaping of extensive underground pipeline systems.


Hazardous Waste Site Investigation, Identification, and Removal Services

AECS will investigate any hazardous waste site containing either known or suspected hazardous materials, including tanks, drums, debris, soil, water, or lagoons.  We have on staff personnel with extensive experience in conducting Phase I and Phase II Environmental Investigations and possess all the materials and equipment necessary, including a Geoprobe 6600.  We will properly isolate the site, enter it to conduct the investigation with proper protective equipment and clothing, take necessary samples and have them analyzed, present a recommended solution to the problem and execute the solution.  As a State of Georgia Hazardous Sites Response Program Removal Contractor, AECS has considerable experience in evaluating and cleaning up hazardous sites of all types.  We will make all the arrangements for the proper removal, transportation, and disposal of the contaminated material and then will execute the removal operation, providing proper Certificates of Disposal for the waste.


Excavation, Segregation, Removal of Contaminated Soil/Sludge

AECS has very experienced Project Managers, Site Supervisors, Equipment Operators, and Environmental Technicians with the skill to carefully, properly and precisely excavate soil and sludge contaminated with the full range of contaminants, including volatile or semi-volatile organic compounds, heavy metals, mercury, pesticides, herbicides, and PCBs.  We ensure that the extent of contamination is precisely identified and that only the contaminated material is excavated for transportation and disposal.  Measures are taken to segregate contaminated material from non-contaminated material, to prevent cross contamination, and to control and protect excavated material.  Care is taken to prevent or properly control and handle contact water.  Again, AECS will make all necessary arrangements for the proper permitting, handling, transportation and disposal of all contaminated material, including Certificates of Disposal.

Soil Stabilization, Fixation, Solidification

If the contaminated material can be properly stabilized, fixed, or solidified, or requires such treatment for proper disposal, AECS has the experience, equipment and personnel to execute these activities either insitu, on site, or at a properly licensed disposal facility.

Containment Systems

AECS constructs/installs primary or secondary containment systems to ensure proper containment of contaminated soil or groundwater.

Decontamination, Dismantling, Demolition

AECS provides services for the decontamination, dismantling, or demolition and then proper removal of a wide range of structures, either contaminated or non-contaminated. We will arrange for the segregation of material to ensure the most cost-effective method of disposal, salvage, or recycling.  We are then prepared to restore the site to the extent desired by the customer.

Installation, Operation, Maintenance of Water Treatment Systems

AECS has the equipment and experienced personnel to provide treatment services for contaminated groundwater and contact water.  We can treat the water using a variety of pump and treat techniques such as filtration, carbon filtration, or other chemical treatment; or insitu treatment techniques such as air sparging, soil vapor extraction, and stripping towers.  AECS can install, operate, and maintain such systems.


Liner Systems

AECS has the trained personnel necessary to install a wide range of liner systems for fuel storage areas and tanks, tank farms, landfills, and other facilities requiring liner systems.  Services include all required excavation, installation, construction, and restoration of the area.

Stream Bank Stabilization and Stream Relocation

AECS has substantial experience in repairing and stabilizing stream banks using combinations of equipment work, vegetation, and armoring using stone, gravel, and gabion baskets. We also have experience in relocating streambeds for erosion control, aesthetics, or avoidance of contaminated areas.  Services also include restoration of the area to better than pre-construction conditions.

Direct Push Technology (DPT)

AECS owns a Geoprobe 6600, the largest and most capable Direct Push Technology machine on the market.  The Probe is mounted on a 4-wheel drive vehicle capable of getting to most probing sites.  We have the capability to provide Direct Push Technology sampling for both soil and groundwater, achieving depth of greater than 100 feet, depending on the geology of the area and hollow stem auger drilling capability to depths of 60 feet.  With the same piece of equipment we can provide temporary or permanent monitoring well installation at the same time. AECS also provides well monitoring and well abandonment services. 


Heavy Equipment Operational Support

AECS has a number of highly qualified and skilled equipment operators capable of operating virtually any type of construction heavy equipment, and we have provided these personnel for equipment projects that are environmentally sensitive and for straight construction projects.  Whether the project has an environmental component or not, we have the capability to execute virtually any equipment project.

Fuel Facility Inventory Control System and Tank Installation/Maintenance

AECS has personnel specifically trained and experienced in the installation, programming, and maintenance of fueling system inventory control systems.  AECS has performed a wide range of projects regarding the removal, site restoration, installation, operations, maintenance and training for petroleum underground and above ground storage tank systems for the United States Postal Service throughout the state of Georgia. Our experience includes single and double walled fiberglass and steel UST/ASTís (Xerxes, Buffalo), Automatic Tank Gauging Systems (Veeder-Root, Ronan, Petrovend, etc.), dispensers, hose reels, air actuated pumps (Graco, double diaphragm, piston), spill, over fill, leak detection.  We perform annual line and tank tightness testing.  We conduct system start up and onsite training for numerous automatic tank-gauging systems at vehicle maintenance facilities.


Stormwater Runoff Sampling, Monitoring, and Reporting

AECS assists customers conducting land development activities meet the requirements for stormwater sampling and monitoring.  We install stormwater monitoring devices in accordance with the construction site Erosion, Sedimentation, & Pollution Control (ES&PC) Plan to ensure compliance with the NPDES General Permit.  AECS will install either an ISCO or an American Sigma 900 stormwater sampling device with rain gauge at designated sites on the property. We will then conduct the weekly inspections and monitoring, will collect and analyze the samples for qualifying rain events, will record daily rainfall and turbidity results, and then prepare the required monthly reports.

Erosion Control, Best Management Practices, Installation, Repair, Inspection

AECS will assist land development customers meet the requirements of erosion control stipulated in the NPDES permit and reflected in their Erosion Sedimentation & Pollution Control (ES&PC) Plan by installing and repairing the controls required by the Best Management Practices (BMP), such as silt fences and hay bales, and conduct the required weekly inspections.  If not already in place, AECS will ensure that an ES&PC Plan is prepared and will assist in the preparation and submission of the Notice of Intent to apply the NPDES General Permit and all subsequent reports.

Management of Remediation Services

While AECS does not self-perform lead, asbestos, ordnance (UXO), and radioactive waste abatement, we provide these services to customers who need them by arranging for highly qualified expert subcontractors who do this work, and managing their activities.


General Contractor Support

AECS provides General Contractor services in association with total project execution by taking responsibility for subcontracting with any required specialty contractors on behalf of the customer and then supervising their work.  Such specialty subcontracting could include electrical, plumbing, concrete, asphalt, surveying, and the transportation and disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous waste.

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